You may want to check out Yosemite while you’re here so here is a link to help you make
the most of your day.
How to spend one day in Yosemite National Park

Google Earth 37.511091, -120.000627

Check out these interesting Links: (Experimental Helo Magazine) (Eagle R/D Helicycle Home Page ( Rotorway Co. Rotorway Exec 162F Helicopter ( American Sportscopter, Ultrasport Helicopter) ( Mod Turbin conversion for Rotorway Exec) ( Safari Helicopter) ( V.K. Support Services for Safari Kit Helicopter) (Helicopter Flight training Device)

Hotels and Motels ( closet to ranch) (Maybe 10 miles) ( in Groveland about 16 miles) (Hwy 120, take Packard Canyon Road)
Check out these sites